The People's Orchestra of Austin is a community folk orchestra. Our motto is "Music for the People by the People." We accept all instruments and players of all ages and abilities. There are no tryouts or auditions.We play a variety of musical styles and many original compositions as well as traditional pieces from around the world. We meet on Monday evenings at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin at 7pm ( Spring Season February 5-April 23rd, No class March 12th). Sectional/group lessons are offered monthly and the orchestra plays two concerts a year.( Our next concert is April 24th) Private lessons are also available. More on how to join here. Our founder and director is composer/songwriter Kiya Heartwood

Tax Exempt Donations to the Orchestra

We are part of Fractured Atlas , a 501c3 umbrella group that includes our orchestra as one of its sponsored projects.Fractured Atlas "empowers artists, arts organizations, and other cultural sector stakeholders by eliminating practical barriers to artistic expression, so as to foster a more agile and resilient cultural ecosystem." You can donate cash or equipment support our work and write it off on your taxes by clicking here.Thank you for supporting The People's Orchestra.

POA Rehearsal tonight 7 pm 

Hey Comrades.

 We are almost there! Dress rehearsal next week. Tonight we will run the first set and work extra on the more challenging pieces. Our singers will sing and I will bring shirts for new members. Brass come early for Coventry. If you need extra help, now's the time. We are sounding good. The concert's gonna be a blast!

POA Rehearsal Nov 20th 

See you tonight! Jingle Bells a new piece is up . This will be the last band piece for the concert. We won't rehearse it tonight but will next week. Bring all your music! Come at 6 if you need extra help or you are a brass player. Hang in there!

POA Rehearsal Oct 16th 7 pm 

Hi Comrades,

No new music this week. We will move Moonlight Sonata to next week. Pavane, Minor Swing and the Waltz from Sleeping Beauty this Monday. Need extra help ?..come early 6-7 or write me for a private lesson kiyaheartwood@gmail.com. See you there!

POA rehearsal this Monday Oct. 9th 

POA Rehearsal #2 for the Fall season begins this Monday, Oct 9th at 7pm. in room #17 at First UU Church of Austin 4700 Grover Ave in Austin. If you need extra help or are new, I will be there at 6. Bring your music for La Bamba, Minor Swing and the Waltz from Sleeping Beauty, Pavane if we have enough time.It's not too late to join. See you Monday!

Fall session begins Monday, Sept 25th at 7 pm! Recruit!  

Hello Comrades! I am starting to put the new music up for you all who want to get a head start. We will start Monday, Sept 25th at 7 pm at the UU Church of Austin 4700 Grover Ave.in Rm 17.Rehearsals start promptly but if you need extra help, come at 6. We will skip Oct 2nd but then we continue for the next 11 weeks. Membership fees are $50 for 12 week session and include our concert costs and room rental. Music packets are being prepared for you and cost $5. We will hand them out Sept 25th but you can print the music from the website whenever you want or if you need a replacement. For new folks, T-shirts are $20. Can't wait!

Here is a poster to spread the word


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