Fall session begins Monday, Sept 25th at 7 pm! Recruit!

Hello Comrades! I am starting to put the new music up for you all who want to get a head start. We will start Monday, Sept 25th at 7 pm at the UU Church of Austin 4700 Grover Ave.in Rm 17.Rehearsals start promptly but if you need extra help, come at 6. We will skip Oct 2nd but then we continue for the next 11 weeks. Membership fees are $50 for 12 week session and include our concert costs and room rental. Music packets are being prepared for you and cost $5. We will hand them out Sept 25th but you can print the music from the website whenever you want or if you need a replacement. For new folks, T-shirts are $20. Can't wait!

Here is a poster to spread the word


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